Lifeblood Productions – Music For All Media

In 1996, following several years of recording and touring with the band Marxman, I started writing and producing music as Lifeblood Productions.

The idea behind Lifeblood was to provide “Music For All Media” eg film, TV, advertising, multimedia etc. and today the client list includes RTE ONE, Sky Broadband, Northern Bank, Channel 5, MTV, TnaG and films The Waiting Room, Derailed, I Want Candy, Mean Machine, Human Traffic and more.

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Fascinating…. A User’s Guide to 21st Century Economics

as highlighted by Gerd Leonhard

A User’s Guide to 21st Century Economics
by Umair Haque

Umair Haque* Tomorrow will not be like yesterday. This is no mere recession: it’s a tectonic global shift in savings, consumption, and investment.
* 20th century business isn’t fit for 21st century economics. Yesterday’s businesses were built for a world of overconsumption, artificially cheap production, symmetrical ...

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