Maria Montgomery

“If you could watch your life, your story, as a movie, what would you think of the protagonist? Would you not see your life in a different light? If you could go back in time and hold your own hand when you were a kid… If you could hug that kid and tell him or her what s/he really needed to know…what would you say?”

Worth reading, more here

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Maree Scarlett – Fire Shadows

I am loving this….

Fire Shadows

we breath colourless air
between our lips
foreign metre
reigning historical moments
holding shadows in houses
of memories.

we attempt to sing

laughing, crying through transparent
tears, kalediscopic and fractured
in our humanity.

I seperate my song from yours,
from you –
I see you, and white ice burning
orange fires on fluctuating skins.

we look to amber skies
where fossilised thoughts
are shfting in ashen clouds –

I looked at you offering, aubergine flowers
and peat warmly spoken between ...

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