[video] Rise Of The Robot

I was honoured to speak alongside Thomas Crampton, Global Managing Director at Ogilvy & Mather, and Finian Murphy, Lead Strategist at Agility, for The Marketing Society “Rise of the Robot” event at Google, during the Web Summit 2015.

We explored how the marketing process as we know it will be disrupted by mobile, social, AI, connected homes, the internet of things and much more.

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Why Context Is Crucial To Mobile Strategy

Great to be quoted in this blog post from Mike Owen at Censhare….

Marketers must consider ways to overcome obstacles like ad blockers by focusing on the context of their messages.

Contextual Marketing

It’s no secret that marketing is becoming increasingly mobile-centric. Consumers now interact with brands on their mobile devices and expect to control the experience; the days of deluging people with pop-up and banner ads ...

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After The Dance – original compositions


Just uploaded the original compositions for the film After The Dance to SoundCloud, many thanks to Locky Butler for sending over his mastered versions:

I had the great privilege of composing the original music for “After The Dance” in 2014. It’s an brave and beautiful documentary film by BAFTA nominated director Daisy Asquith. It was edited by ...

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Recommended SXSW panels, and mixtapes

This year I am delighted to be shortlisted to speak at SXSW 2016 on two panels, alongside from truly fascinating and brilliant people. The voting deadline is Sept 4th.  I would really appreciate any votes and comments on the following links:

Lets Talk About CX! How Mobile Changes Everything

“How mobile has evolved from “just another channel” to the key medium in today’s marketplace”


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Delighted to contribute to the very cool Tug Life “pop-up expo” in Old St underground station this morning. I was talking about mobile trends, the invisible glue between the physical world and our digital selves, and how the right kind of new might be over 20 years old!

For more info about Tug Life visit www.tugagency.com

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