Some of the most inspiring words you will hear in 2014….

“Whether it was the dictatorships of religion, or the dictatorships based on race like apartheid, we remember and honour Nelson Mandela, and the fight for food freedom and seed freedom continues in the tradition of Ghandi, and King, and Mandela, and that tradition cannot be extinguished… never ever in human history has dictatorship lasted forever, but freedom goes on, and on.”

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2014: Now is the Winter of Our Micro-content

I was delighted to contribute a guest column to Mobile Marketing Magazine recently, hope you enjoy!

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Oisin Lunny, senior market development manager at OpenMarket, turns journalist for the day to interrogate the trend for micro-content on mobile.Will self-destructing mobile vouchers win the day..? he asks. Is it even anything new?


Back in the dawn of our mobile internet age, analysts were gleefully forecasting obese cash ...

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Most contagious 2013

A fascinating read as usual…

“the reality of the erosion of privacy is by far the largest story of the year”

“People who grew up with mobile technology switch between devices and platforms 27 times per hour”

“Globally, 91% of people are likely to switch brands if another of similar price and quality supports a good cause”

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The Drum “4 Minute Warning” presentation

I was delighted to present at the Drum “4 Minute Warning” yesterday on why campaigns adjusted for the individual are more likely to succeed in the hyper-personal medium of mobile.

My presentation included Gerd Leonhard, B. Bonin Bough, a cocaine snowman, AND Rob Ford’s Crack-o-meter…

Here is the presentation:

.. and a useful Storify of the event.

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Why micro-content is big business

Here is my latest piece for the Guardian online “Why micro-content is big business”.

CLICK HERE for the original piece!


Why micro-content is big business

Oisin Lunny explains why small, mobile-friendly content is big business and profiles new startup entrants getting in on the act

Mobile video is changing the content industry from the ground up, from creators to advertisers, from interaction to infrastructure. I spoke to some of the people making big ...

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Brighton Digital Marketing Festival

I had the pleasure of attending the Brighton Digital Marketing Festival yesterday (

Congrats to Pure360 for such a well put together and informative event, as well as raising £7k for the NSPCC. Here are some notes with my main take-aways:

Rowan Stanfield – Head of Social at The Body Shop

  • Rowan was very much flying the flag for mobile engagement as a ...
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Social Media Week London 2013

I’m looking forward to moderating this panel at Social Media Week London!

“Using tech for good. Can SoLoMo change the world?”

Tuesday, 24 Sept @5pm at the main Social Media Week London HQ Hub in Covent Garden.

Joining me will be:

Kiki Ylimutka
Chairwoman and Founder
Super Sisters / CLERKD

Johnny Chatterton
Director Campaign Innovation
Campaign Bootcamp / / 38 Degrees

Alice Klein

Ben Gallagher
Insight + Creative Strategy Director
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