“Oisin was a fantastic moderator and presenter, extremely articulate, well-informed, with a great sense of timing and humour” (Robert Singerman, SVP, Partner, 88tc88.com)

“Fabulous as MC and moderator. I’ve rarely seen such an enthusiastic and engaging MC, as well as knowledgeable moderator who kept the panels flowing.” (Eric de Fontenay, Owner, MusicDish / Mi2N)


“Oisin chaired the Chief Technology Officer Summit 2016 in San Francisco, which I ran. He was extremely charismatic, engaging and at ease throughout the event among some of the most senior executives in technology. He put all speakers and attendees at ease and facilitated great discussions between sponsors and delegates. Oisin is an absolute pleasure to work with.” Stuart Found, International Events Director at Innovation Enterprise
“I had the good fortune to work with Oisin at the Ecommerce Show Europe 2016, where he acted as chairperson for the two day event. Oisin conducted a fascinating interview with Lord Stuart Rose and proved to be a most dynamic, sharp-witted and reliable chairperson, as was highlighted by our attendees. I look forward to working with him again.“ Kate Shalloe, Conference Manager at Terrapinn
“Oisin did a great presentation for me at the Guardian’s Changing Media Summit. He was highly knowledgeable and really brought the subject to life with an entertaining presentation style. I can highly recommend him as a speaker.” Chris Smith, Guardian News & Media
“I was recommended Oisin to host the two-day IBC2016 Rising Stars programme aimed at young media professionals. Fortunately, he had a few days window between his many international speaking engagements. Oisin is a naturally gifted presenter – his incredible passion, energy and enthusiasm for speakers, audience and the event itself made the Rising Stars an unforgettable experience. In addition to being an excellent presenter and chair, Oisin is also great at expertly recommending and sourcing fantastic speakers using his extensive and diverse network of personal and professional connections. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Oisin – I cannot recommend him enough!” Olga Kim, Content Producer at IBC
“Oisin did an amazing job moderating our ‘What’s next in mobile music’ panel at Mobile World Congress 2013. He was engaging and funny and kept the audience interested. Not only that, but he also used his deep network of contacts and super sales skills to pull the list of panelists together and he wrote up the panel brief and marketed it to his extensive network. He not only was great in the actual moderator role but also did a lot of the heavy lifting for me! I would love to have Oisin as a moderator at a future event.” Kelaine Blades, VP Global Marketing, 7digital 
“Trigger Creative Conference invites the top of the international music scene to discuss new technology, business development and global marketing by organising key notes, workshops and panel discussions. Having top level participants requires a top level moderator with great knowledge, high energy and professional modesty on stage. Oisin adds great value to our conference by hosting the days and giving the program the additional ‘touch’. We highly recommend Oisin, and hope to have him join for many more years.” Bart Omlo, Conference Manager, Trigger Creative Conference 
“Oisin hosted the Deezer panel at SXSW 2014 entitled ‘The New Geography of the Music World’. He moderated a great debate, easing the panelists into the topic at hand and ensuring that it remained relevant and interesting… I cannot recommend Oisin enough for his expertise on both music and tech as well as his enthusiasm and professionalism.” Julie Harari-West, Global Head of PR, Deezer
“I have now brought Oisin onboard for Brighton Music Conference two years in a row as both a speaker and host. He is extremely knowledgeable within his field and connected. This has been further shown by his easy confident nature when speaking and ability to get the best out of other speakers / panelists as well. I will certainly be engaging him ongoing and would recommend him to any organiser.” Nicola Gunstone, Director, Brighton Music Conference
“The Trigger Creative Conference 2013 was moderated by the very talented Oisin Lunny of OpenMarket, whose unparalleled enthusiasm kept the energy and questions flowing!” Kelaine Blades, VP Global Marketing, 7digital, sponsor of the Trigger Creative Conference 2013 Read more
“Oisin’s one of the smartest and nicest people in the mobile business. Expect lots of interactivity and engagement – I spoke on one of Oisin’s panels last year and the level of audience participation really made it come to life.” Eamonn Carey, Entrepreneur in residence at Techstars

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Audience Feedback

“I’ve seen Oisin present several times and also host industry panels. He is a force of nature. Captivating, engaging and knowledgeable about the state of the digital industry – he brings something fresh to table to discuss.” Jas Chana, Consultant / EA to Martha Lane Fox, Doteveryone
“‘Oisin’ may someday be the industry term used to describe the space between technology and humans.” Jim Hodson, CEO / Founder at IQzic
“Knowledgeable, funny and authoritative he creates great entertainment and engagement out of even the driest topics.” Dominic Pride, Founder and CEO, The Sound Horizon
“Oisin is extremely knowledgeable… an amazing speaker and presenter.” Jeremy Spiller, CEO and Co-Founder, White Hat Media
“One of the most captivating speakers I have heard. He knows his stuff inside out and has the style and charisma to engage an audience.” Gareth Quinn, Founder & Managing Director at Digital DNA
“I’ve seen Oisin present a few times. His sessions are always fresh and insightful.” Dee Brannick, Co Founder, GalaBid Ltd
“I recently witnessed Oisin present and sit on a panel in London for The Retail Conference. Charismatic and engaging he gave the audience a provocative insight into the challenges they face and the role that mobile can play. Most importantly he was in the bar afterwards, happy to have a drink and exchange ideas that can transform your business.” Jack Manzoor, Business Development Director, Yodel Mobile
“Oisin always has his finger on the pulse…” Andy Shaw, Co-Founder & CEO at Tectonic Interactive


Social Media Feedback

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