Robert Fripp at the BPI

Last week I had the pleasure of hearing Robert Fripp speak, to a small invite-only audience at the BPI. My love of Fripp’s music goes back to 1980 and the release of Scary Monsters (my first Bowie album, bought from Golden Discs, Grafton Street, winters evening 1980). From there is was ...

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All Time Top 10

I put this together for Music Week a couple of years ago…. here it is again!

1. David Bowie – Heroes
2. Brian Eno & Robert Fripp – The Heavenly Music Corporation
3. Masqueraders – Thats The Same Thing
4. David Crosby – Laughing
5. The National – City Middle
6. Sufjan Stevens – Chicago
7. Felix The Housecat – Silver Screen Shower Scene (Thin White Duke Remix)
8. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – They Reminisce Over You
9. The ...

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Fascinating website, eg…… “Edge Master Class 2008”

“What we’re saying is that there is a technology emerging from behavioral economics. It’s not only an abstract thing.”

RICHARD H. THALER, Director, Center for Decision Research, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business; Coauthor (with Cass Sunstein), Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

SENDHIL MULLAINATHAN, Professor of Economics, Harvard; recipient, MacArthur award; Executive Director, Ideas 42, Institute of Quantitative Social Science, Harvard.

DANIEL KAHNEMAN, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Princeton; Recipient, Nobel Prize, ...

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Speaking etc

From time to time I speak at conferences, and the like. The pic above was taken at the Stockholm International Film Festival last month by Pernilla Ankh.

Heres a list of some events I have appeared at, if you would like to get in touch about speaking at an event you are involved ...

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