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New year, new showreel!

Towards the end of 2019, I put together a showreel to express my gratitude for some of the amazing events I have had the honor of being a part of.

As 2020 evolved, with the attendant lockdowns, almost all of the events I had scheduled were postponed or canceled, but I had the good fortune to be invited to participate in some incredible online and hybrid events, and also to present branded podcast series for two companies whom I respect immensely, HARMAN and Siemens.

So, after a year of mostly virtual events, and with some time to spare over the Christmas holidays, it felt like a good time to add some of the fun projects I’ve been involved in throughout 2020 to my showreel.

I am eternally grateful for these many opportunities to chat with so many truly great people. Sincere thanks to the companies and organizations who made this possible (in order of appearance): IBC, Data Summit, Industry of Things World Asia, Prohibition Partners, TEDx, Icelandic Startups, Sibos, South Summit, Emerce, Retail & Brands Experience, Social Broadcasting Company, 8×8, EShareLife, 4YFN, Digital Marketing World Forum, IBTM, International Manufacturing Technology Show, Primavera Pro, Cotton Wool Film, Midem, FUTR, Frontiers Health, HARMAN, Siemens, The Telegraph, CNN and Electric Picnic*.

This showreel features appearances from: Kelis, Scott Cohen, Muki Kulhan, Ted Cohen, John Textor, Nathan Newman, Yenan Wang, Gwilym Pugh, Zoe McMillan, Liam Moriarty, Michael Buffham-Wade, Barbara Humpton, Rocío Guerrero Colomo, Leanne Best, Jordan McGarry, Vikas Bhola, Tim Loo, Richard Barham, Elisa Pogliano, Roberto Ascione, Carl Cox, Christopher Dragon, Stacia Anderson, and Alastair Greener. Thank you for being such fascinating guests and brilliant colleagues.

Oisin Lunny Event MC Showreel with Carl Cox

*The Electric Picnic footage at the end is actually from a DJing gig, when I DJ-ed in a treehouse for the best part of three days at the Body & Soul arena.