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#68: 2024 Audio Trendwatch

Hot off the press from HARMAN ExPLORE in Las Vegas! Tune in to find out what will be driving the audio business in 2024: what are the trends, what do consumers want and what new products and features can we look forward to?

Host Oisin Lunny is joined by two experts to discuss all things audio. Evelyn Heinbach, Vice President, Corporate Strategy – Lifestyle Division HARMAN and Carsten Olesen, President Consumer Audio at HARMAN. The episode kicks off with Guy Hammett, Senior Market Analyst at Futuresource Consulting who shares some insights into the audio market of 2024.

About Futuresource Consulting

Futuresource Consulting is a market research consulting company that provides a range of specialist intelligence reports and ongoing personal debriefs to support with business decision-making. We pride ourselves on delivering fact-based insights and market forecasts on a global scale – advising on strategic positioning, identifying key trends, analysing competitors, and underpinning major technological developments.

All services are tailored to the individual needs of each client to deliver the best possible results, ranging from bespoke custom research and end-user analysis through to multi-client subscription services and business intelligence platforms.

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Audio Talks

A podcast on all things audio presented to you by HARMAN and our family of audio brands including JBL, Harman Kardon and AKG. Host Oisin Lunny, music journalist and audio enthusiast, will interview expert guests, legends of the music industry, and audio scientists to discuss the power of music and audio in all its facets.

Audio Talks is presented by Harman.

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