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Tony Fish on Signals, Risk and Paradox

In a world being driven to automation, innovative thinker Tony Fish reveals how to make better decisions

Tony Fish

I’m hugely grateful to the good people at Sibos for the opportunity to chat with Tony Fish, he has a uniquely insightful way of viewing the world.

Tony’s three books have been around 10 years ahead of the curve, which is why he was snapped up to work with several VC funds to help them identify the hottest future companies.

In this Sibos Spotlight on-demand session about Signals, Risk and Paradox, Tony explores the topic and asks, “In a world being driven to automation, how do we make better decisions and create better outcomes?”

The risk frameworks we created in the late twentieth century and have been updating ever since were not built on platform thinking, big data, automation and digital eco-systems. The implication is that we may have a blindspot to certain new digital and data risk as the frameworks are limited. How do leadership teams and executives search for small signals which are hidden by urgency, scale and priorities to manage these new risks?

Tony shares some brilliant insights on managing risk, the role of data and AI, and how to avoid prison if you are a company director. Tune in today* to get some competitive insights for your future!

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