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Welcome to my April 2020 playlist!

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“Geek Pie pâtissier Oisin Lunny serves up a slice of lockdown audio goodness to keep the cabin fever at bay. Expect the unexpected as folk, funk, drum and bass and neo-classical fight for your tastebuds like it was the last remaining roll of two-ply in your local Tescos.”

  1. Charlie Megira – Tomorrow’s Gone
  2. Aphex Twin – Avril 14th
  3. Leonard Cohen – It’s Torn
  4. Bebel Gilberto – Samba da Bencao
  5. Dave Hamilton – Ain’t It a Groove
  6. The Gaturs – Concentrate
  7. Freddie North – Love to Hate
  8. Little Feat – Spanish Moon
  9. Buscabulla – NTE
  10. Moodymann – Don’t You Want My Love
  11. Empress Of – Give Me Another Chance
  12. Sirens Of Lesbos – Zeus
  13. Jessie Ware – Spotlight [Icarus Remix]
  14. Bicep – Atlas
  15. Moses Boyd – 2 Far Gone (feat. Joe Armon-Jones)
  16. MJ Cole – Strings For Jodie [MJ Cole Remix]
  17. Joris Voorn – Messiah (feat. HÆLOS) [J Majik Remix]
  18. Overlook – Nights Into Dreams
  19. Catnapp – Thunder

TotallyRadio Mixtape


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