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It was such an incredible experience to be a part of the Biohacker Summit 2022 in beautiful Helsinki earlier this month and introduce a who’s who of the movement, led by our captain of this ship, the very brilliant Teemu Arina!

Thank you to all of the rockstar speakers, awesome organisers and event team, to all of the innovative partners and exhibitors, and to such magnificent delegates. You are redefining what it means to live, and showing the world how much FUN it is to extend our healthspans.

The event wrapped up with an indoor beach party soundtracked by awesome DJs and a beatboxing Buddhist monk! The next event is in Amsterdam and promises to be sensational. Will I see you there?

Check it out at

Here are some of the great photos from the event:

What to expect at Biohacker Summit

  • Spectacular keynotes: Our upgraded mainstage hosts keynotes from 40+ top performers and scientists from the health and wellbeing industry.
  • Next-level exhibition: Discover the latest technologies, equipment, services, nutrition and methods for optimal health and performance from 50+ brands.
  • Holobiont audience:  International audience of 1500+ consisting of pioneers, innovators, and industry experts in health and wellbeing space shaping the future of preventive health and optimal human performance: entrepreneurs, executives, investors, technologists, early adopters, medical & wellness professionals and academics.
  • Superfood court: Both ketogenic, carnivore and vegan friendly nutrient-dense lunch options, various superfoods, upgraded coffee & tea, and raw snacks so that you can get the most out of the conference.
  • UG venue: This is not a boring tradeshow, but a warehouse party for optimal humans. The event takes place in a former factory often housing techno parties, giving it the much needed touch with red lights, lasers, and artwork.
  • Thermogenic spa: Already an iconic part of the event, the thermogenic spa features traditional Finnish sauna, hot tub, cold bath, cryotherapy, infrared sauna, and a redlight cabin. Bring your swimsuit – We provide a wardrobe to change clothes.
  • Crisp video recording & live stream: If you rather interact with the other guests, immerse yourself in the exhibition or watch remotely, you will not miss a beat as the video recordings will be all yours.
  • Unforgettable VIP experience: Network with speakers, media and VIPs while enjoying exceptional catering at the Upgraded Dinner, biohacker goodie bag, priority seating, and VIP lounge with all the cool hacks and gadgets.
  • Upgraded side-events: Optimized Day Workshop, Upgraded Dinner and Upgraded Offsite. Our side-events are simply legendary.