How To Send Me Music

This has been duplicated from… original by Alex Cowles (AKA Stillhead) – you can check out his music at

My email for promo is … oisin (dot) lunny (a) phoenixmag (dot) co (dot) uk – thanks

Dear musician/label/PR representative,

Thanks for considering me when sending music out.

Please remember that I get sent a lot of music. I love the fact that I get sent music all the time, but because of the amount of tracks, releases, dubs, albums, ...

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SMS And Customer Service: 5 Opportunities For Better Interactions

While SMS is often touted as a valuable marketing tool, did you know that it can also be used to enhance customer service?


In fact, brands that currently use SMS find customer service to be one of the most useful applications. Are you taking full advantage of this opportunity to engage and support your customers?

The Growth of SMS as a ...

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Today’s Hottest Marketing Trends: Mobile, Personalization, And AI

Marketing is one of the most fluid aspects of business. Trends come and go as consumer preferences change and technology advances. In the latter half of 2016 and the years that follow, look for three specific trends to develop: mobile, personalization, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Steam Train

The Rise of Mobile Messaging

One of the clearest trends in all of marketing ...

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Here’s Why Millennials Are Going Mad For Mobile Messaging

Millennials have a love affair with their mobile devices and messaging platforms. From a marketing perspective, understanding exactly why millennials go mad for mobile messaging is very important.


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rotary phone for the past decade, it should come as no surprise that people love mobile phones. More specifically, millennials have a love affair with their ...

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The IoT And Your Mobile Experience

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just a new fad or trend; it’s creating an entirely new arena of technology that’s interconnected and highly responsive. Though we probably can’t truly isolate any single facet of our future that won’t be impacted by the IoT in some way, it’s clear that mobile technology and communication is an area that will surely experience a substantial evolution.


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