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Brighton Digital Marketing Festival

By September 20, 2013January 12th, 2020No Comments

I had the pleasure of attending the Brighton Digital Marketing Festival yesterday (

Congrats to Pure360 for such a well put together and informative event, as well as raising £7k for the NSPCC. Here are some notes with my main take-aways:

Rowan Stanfield – Head of Social at The Body Shop

  • Rowan was very much flying the flag for mobile engagement as a tool to effectively address the Gen Y demographic. She stated that mobile has to be one of THE prime considerations when engaging Gen Y, they are visual, they are grazers, and “all glued to their smartphones all of the time”. Her business goals: positive sentiment, advocacy, credibility, awareness and above all GenY Engagement.
  • Facebook “likes” are now meaningless. YouTube a better channel to engage consumers, 50% of Body Shop social media budget is dedicated to it.
  • She also recommended: Klout for measuring social interactions, “humanisation” of the brand especially around social media to create positive sentiment, and stalking your competitors.


Jade Tanner, Account Director at Pure360 
  • 90% of SMS read in first 15 minutes according to their results
  • David Lloyd (UK national gym chain) used SMS alerts for class booking reminders – very effective to reduce dropouts & increase engagement
  • Serenata Flowers used SMS for delivery updates – reduced the need for call centres so much they have dropped call centres completely
  • First Great Western (trains) using SMS short codes to “capture offline audience” – proving to be a very effective acquisition channel
  • 41% (UK) will delete or ignore an email that is not optimised for mobile (63% in the US) so mobile responsive email design is becoming essential (for B2C at least)
  • Mobile has overtaken desktop for marketing email opens, using responsive email design has been proven to increase open rates by 50%
  • Remember to reward non purchasers, they will aspire to own, so can be great brand advocates before a purchase (more a B2C point, but interesting)


Jeremy Spiller, MD at WhiteHat Media
  • There are more people globally with mobile phone accounts than access to safe drinking water:
  • Responsive design is now ranking higher on Google mobile search – you can lose 40% traffic by NOT optimising
  • Relevance is the key to SEO, this was the key to Googles success, but retargeting is the key to advertising in the near future
  • Brands should make their online content about “the coolest thing you do” to optimise #SEO
  • One of the top reasons for sharing? E-Fame & peer recognition
  • Make your content is good enough to be shareable
  • Recommending “The Science of Social Media at Harvard” by Dan Zarrella, “The Art OF SEO” by Rand Fishkin, and Moz 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors
  • Value of back link acquisition channels changes all the time, use Google, Moz, eConsultancy to keep on top of changes


David Somerville, Head of Social Media at Fresh Egg

  • Very useful presentation “The Content Cycle” basically a step by step guide to running content marketing and social media campaigns
  • Covered: “discovery, planning and setup, execution, reporting, analysis and insight & refinement”
  • View here:
  • If a company is using the “experts and authorship” strategy i.e. public facing bloggers / commentators, their authors should have Google+ profiles for more attractive and higher ranking SEO results (see slide 20) – this has shown to work well in their tests
  • Recommended tools: Social Crawlitics, Google Analytics Site Search (identify popular content), Übersuggest, Soovle, Netvibes, Newswhip (find content ideas), Topsy, Trendsmap (find conversations around your brand), and Social Mention to check results
  • Tag your content properly to track it using Google UTM tag (Slide 46) – Chrome URL builder an easy tool to make links

Great presentations also from Joel Windels, Marketing Manager EMEA at Brandwatch and Lloyd Amsdon Co-Founder of Watchfinder & The Watch Magazine.
Hope to see you next year!