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Creative Catalysts For Environmental Change, Oisin Lunny

It was such a privilege to chat with Marc Buckley, a brilliant man, a friend, and also a gentleman who is personally driving so much positive change in the world, and building a global community of change-makers. We spoke about how music can inspire climate action and much more. Hope you enjoy the discussion!

Oisin Lunny is my guest on Episode 113 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Oisin is an award-winning marketer, webinar and podcast host, MC, public speaker, virtual event consultant, UX business professor, and journalist. His work has been translated into Chinese and Arabic and read over half a million times as a senior contributor to Forbes, music editor at PHOENIX Magazine, and via regular contributions to The Guardian, CX Magazine, and many others. Oisin has hosted, moderated, and given keynote presentations at over 200 conferences in every corner of the world, including TEDx, MWC, and six times at SXSW, where he is now a member of the advisory board. His background is a mix of tech and music; his first band had a UK top 30 hit and supported Depeche Mode and U2 in the ‘90s, while his solo music has been featured in films like Human Traffic. He is the host of the Siemens Advanta podcast and the Audio Talks podcast by HarmanKardon and has worked in a series of leading global technology firms over the past 20 years as Global Product Manager, Country Manager, VP of Technology, Senior Market Development Manager, and Chief Evangelist. In his spare time, Oisin keeps his lifelong passion for music alive by hosting a fortnightly radio show on Slack City Radio.

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Marc Buckley

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Marc Buckley in action

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