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Daisy Asquith “After The Dance” soundtrack

By March 29, 2015May 25th, 20237 Comments


I had the great privilege of composing the original music for “After The Dance”, an incredible documentary film by BAFTA nominated director Daisy Asquith. It was edited by Alan McKay, and produced by Doireann de Buitléar and Alan Maher for Roads Entertainment. Its on BBC Four at 22:00 on 30th March, and will be available on iPlayer after transmission:


The awesome musicians featured are friends and family: Donal Lunny, Cora Venus Lunny, and Padraig Rynne.

Its really beautiful, a rare and honest piece of film making, I can’t recommend it enough!

Heres the blurb:

“BAFTA-nominated filmmaker Daisy Asquith explores her family’s painful Irish heritage in this moving documentary about her mother’s adoption.

Asquith’s hand-held style of shooting – where she turns her camera onto obscure, hidden and lesser-known subjects – is well known in a body of work that has seen her make over 20 films for the BBC and Channel 4. Here she focuses on her own mother, conceived to unmarried parents in Ireland and adopted by an English family, as she goes in search of her roots in West Clare.

A visit to a confession box, intercut with archive footage (Daisy’s mother being interviewed in a pub and chatting with locals) lends itself to a ’stage Irish’ view of rural Ireland. However, when the long-lost relatives are eventually discovered, Daisy – the natural communicator who likes to see the world through other people’s eyes – takes us on a journey far from West Clare and beyond her mother’s quest to understand her mysterious Irish past – a past we are all too familiar with.”

Some previews:

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A few photos from West Clare during the making of After The Dance 🙂

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  • Jilly Johnston says:

    I so enjoyed this documentary and loved the music. Is it possible to purchase the soundtrack?
    Best wishes
    Jilly Johnston

  • Marty Halpin says:

    Looking at the Video on You Tube, again. I came up with more answers on this side of the Atlantic. The house in the Video in the Bronx was indeed 21 Adrian Ave. I lived in an Apartment in a Apartment House at 1 and 2 Adrian Ave. This house at 21 Adrian Ave. was owned by the Haugh Family who had emigrated from Kilkee. Looking at the Zillow web site, the house at 21 Adrian Ave. is 3351 sq ft., a big house by any ones standards. I had been in the House at 21 Adrian Ave. with my mother and father during the late 1950’s. My parents were friends with the Haugh’s. I believe the husband was named Steven Haugh, ( a NYC Police Officer ) wife May and two sons Kevin and Joe. Kevin and Joe would be 5 or 6 years older than me. Thomas Browne ( the father of Daisy ) who emigrated to NYC in 1946 and May Haugh would be brother and sister. May Haugh died of cancer in the early 1960’s. Her son’s, Kevin and Joe died also, many years ago. The house in the Video that is now a church showed the Lincoln Lounge. That would be Mount Vernon, N.Y. about 10 miles north east of Adrian Ave. Thomas Browne probably had an apartment in that building. There was also another family on Adrian Ave. named the Browne’s that was not mentioned in the Video. I know that Mr. Browne was also a police officer and was from County Clare. When Mr. Haugh and Mr. Browne retired at the NYPD, they both worked at a currency company in the Bronx named the American Banknote Company. I believe that May ( Browne ) Haugh and Mr. Browne ( the retired police officer ) were also brother and sister. Mr. Browne had two sons who were a couple of years younger than me. The two sons went to the same Catholic Grammar and High School that I went to. The older son was named James, I don’t remember the name of the younger son. That’s all from this side of the Atlantic. I guess we can call it a small world. Marty Halpin

  • Oisin Lunny says:

    Thanks so much Jilly, really glad you enjoyed it 🙂 No plans as year but will of course keep you posted. Please email me on oisinlunny *at* gmail and I’ll make you you get any future updates. Cheers!

  • Oisin Lunny says:

    Hey Marty, very fascinating, will pass that on to Daisy & Steve!

  • Steve Haugh says:

    Well, you could scoop me off the floor with a spoon. Marty, I’m Kevin’s son, Steve’s grandson. We called him Poppy, Mary as Nana. I have vague memories of Mary, and vivid memories of Steve. I was young when Mary died but I do remember it. Steve (probably shortly after Mary’s death) moved to 2 Adrian. I used to go there everyday for lunch while I was in first grade at St. John’s (also our church at the time). I’m wondering if that’s the school you’re referring to. I just called my mother to ask if she know your name and I got “oooooh mmyyyy goooodd! She can’t place the face but she remembered your name right away and that you were friends with Poppy”. We had lived on Bailey Ave at that time but were very often over on Adrian. Your post took a couple of extra breaths out of me. Small world, indeed!

  • Marty Halpin says:

    Thank You, Oisin . I have just recently seen the Video on You Tube. My cousins in County Clare, The UK, and Belgium knew I grew up on Adrian Ave. and sent me the You Tube link on Facebook. I have befriended Steve and Daisy on Facebook. A very Small World. Marty Halpin

  • Oisin Lunny says:

    Hi Jilly,

    Just FYI the music from After The Dance is now uploaded to Soundcloud, listen using this link:

    All the best,