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#26: Digital Campfires: The Rise Of Social Audio

In the week that LinkedIn confirmed it was building a Clubhouse app clone, hot on the heels of Twitter’s Spaces, Facebook, Spotify, Slack, and even Mark Cuban, it was amazing to chat with two social audio pioneers. Axel Mansoor is the face of the Clubhouse app, musician, songwriter, and founder of the hugely popular Lullaby Club in Clubhouse. Daniel Nathan is one of the leading lights of the radio industry, a technology pioneer and tireless innovator, co-founder of Platform B, and founder of several commercial / FM / online and DAB stations.

Backstage photo of our VIP guests

About Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an invitation-only audio-chat iPhone app launched in April 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth of Alpha Exploration Co. that facilitates auditory communication for groups of a few individuals up to over 5,000 people. In May 2020, the social networking app was valued at nearly $100 million.

About Alex Mansoor

Axel Mansoor is an Emmy-nominated American singer and songwriter, and face of the Clubhouse app. He is well known for his single “Wasted My Love” and for hosting the hugely popular Lullaby Club on Clubhouse.

About Daniel Nathan

Daniel Nathan has more than 30 years’ radio industry experience starting with pirate radio in the early 1980s which led him to co-found the UK’s first ‘alternative’ format station licensed in the UK. ‘Festival Radio’ spin-off Festival Productions made award-winning syndicated new music radio, ad campaigns, drama and documentaries for the BBC and UK commercial radio. Daniel was co-founder of Kiss 102 – Manchester and Kiss 105 – Yorkshire. He was Chairman of Brighton’s Juice 107.2 in Brighton, which he launched in 1998. In 2000, he created, the UK’s original internet station playing music beyond the mainstream. Daniel was a key contributor to the launch of UK Radioplayer in 2011 and served on their Technical Steering Group. He was Project Lead for three R&D projects funded by the Government’s Technology Strategy Board from 2012 and co-authored a National Radio Archive feasibility study for the British Library in 2014. In July 2015 Daniel launched the UK’s first open-source broadcast digital radio multiplex in Brighton. Daniel has also lectured in radio and radio production at London’s Goldsmiths’, Birkbeck Colleges, and The University of Sussex. In 2016 he co-founded Platform B.

About Platform B

Platform B is a not-for-profit Brighton (U.K.) based next-generation radio station broadcasting online since 2016 and on 105.5 FM and DAB since October 1st 2018. The station is directed by a new wave of DJs, producers, and presenters who are re-imagining and diversifying the medium with music and youth programming from a studio based in the Green Door Store, a music venue underneath Brighton station. Broadcasts flow from here as well as from multiple venues, public spaces, and events across the city.

About Audio Talks

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