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It was awesome to catch up recently with my good buddy, American singer-songwriter and music business professor Drew Young.

The interview was originally webcast during the IBA virtual conference as one of four musical moments, followed by a screening of the official video for Drew’s great single “Wondering Where This Will End.”

Visit and say “howdy” to Drew!

Drew Young on “Wondering Where This Will End

“I don’t think it is a time for questioning; it is a time for listening and reflection. In our pre-COVID world of meetings, traffic, and multi-tasking chaos, everyone seemed to be talking; now we have time to listen and it is beautiful.

“In my home of New Orleans, in this ‘new world order,’ listening is front and center. The birds are singing louder (or so it seems); the laughter of children playing outside permeates everyday life; lone musicians play their instruments to appreciative passersby’s; families are gathered on porches talking loudly and cooling off. It is nice to see there is a still joy amidst this tumultuous backdrop, this quiet, weird chaos. For life during the wartime of COVID, we have collectively slowed down and that ain’t a bad thing.

“So I am proud to announce the release of ‘Wondering Where This Will End.’ Written and recorded in Summer 2019 when pandemic was a tagline for passed-over Netflix films, the music for this song had been waving its way around in my brain for awhile. Every day, I picked my guitar up to play the melody but I didn’t know what the song was about. Now my ADHD brain has becalmed and the words came quickly, as if it was now quiet enough to literally hear myself think (finally!).This song is about listening to the world and realizing guidance can be found in the wind. The life lesson had seeped into my brain through the melody and now I realize my hands and life were not, are not, have never been entirely guided only by my own conscious thoughts.”

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