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Fascinating website, eg…… “Edge Master Class 2008”

“What we’re saying is that there is a technology emerging from behavioral economics. It’s not only an abstract thing.”

RICHARD H. THALER, Director, Center for Decision Research, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business; Coauthor (with Cass Sunstein), Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

SENDHIL MULLAINATHAN, Professor of Economics, Harvard; recipient, MacArthur award; Executive Director, Ideas 42, Institute of Quantitative Social Science, Harvard.

DANIEL KAHNEMAN, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Princeton; Recipient, Nobel Prize, Economics, 2002.

PARTICIPANTS: Jeff Bezos, Founder,; John Brockman, Edge Foundation, Inc.; Max Brockman, Brockman, Inc.; George Dyson, Science Historian; Author, Darwin Among the Machines; W. Daniel Hillis, Computer Scientist; Cofounder, Applied Minds; Author, The Pattern on the Stone; Daniel Kahneman, Psychologist; Nobel Laureate, Princeton University; Salar Kamangar, Google; France LeClerc, Marketing Professor; Katinka Matson, Edge Foundation, Inc.; Sendhil Mullainathan, Professor of Economics, Harvard University; Executive Director, Ideas 42, Institute of Quantitative Social Science; Elon Musk, Physicist; Founder, Tesla Motors, SpaceX; Nathan Myhrvold, Physicist; Founder, Intellectual Venture, LLC; Event Photographer; Sean Parker, The Founders Fund; Cofounder: Napster, Plaxo, Facebook;”