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EMU SP1200 – ULTRA RARE FINAL EDITION on eBay, also, Drum Machines, Pro Audio Equipment, Musical Instruments (end time 03-Aug-08 22:45:44 BST)

The undisputed KING of drum machines, the ultra-rare
EMU SP1200.

As used extensively by Pete Rock, DJ Muggs, EPMD, Hank Shocklee, Daft Punk, and all the main players in Hip Hop.
Some albums that were produced utilizing ONLY this machine include:
PNS – 12 Bit Soul
Cypress Hill – Cypress Hill (album) (self titled debut album)
Pete Rock – INI, Soul Survivor, Petestrumentals
Lootpack – Soundpieces: Da Antidote
Ultramagnetic MCs – Critical Beatdown (In this case, the first LP in to use the SP-12 Turbo).
Geto Boys – The Geto Boys (album)
EPMD – Strictly Business (album)
Cypress Hill – Black Sunday (album)
Jel – 10 Seconds
Main Source – Breaking Atoms
Jay-Z – Reasonable Doubt

This particular unit is a STRICTLY limited edition, one of the last 135 ever made, and comes with a unique plaque on the front (see photos), and a signed letter from the president of E-MU Systems.
The unit has been used in a project studio for several years, and has had one very careful and SP-smitten owner.


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