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Audio Talks Series One Episode Two: EPM replaces RPM

EPM replaces RPM

Welcome to “EPM Replaces RPM,” episode #2 of HARMAN’s new weekly podcast, Audio Matters. Dedicated to all things audio, Audio Matters brings together a diverse line-up of audio experts alongside host Oisin Lunny to deliver fun, informative, timely information on a variety of topics ranging from how to hone your listening skills to how to set up your audio equipment to what to expect from the future of audio.

After last week’s inaugural episode on active listening, this week’s episode takes you inside the car of the future with Bill Wyman, HARMAN’s VP Global Marketing Car Audio, Chris Ludwig, VP Epic Experience Team, and Riley Winton, UX Concept Manager at HARMAN, as they explore user-centric audio experiences in the automobile.

As lockdown measures begin to recede, how will the listening habits that people have developed over the past few weeks and months transfer to the in-car environment? What is the meaning of Experience Per Mile and how is it changing the way people buy and use cars? What will the in-car audio experience of the future look like?

Audio Talks is presented by Harman.

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