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Geek Pie Radio 01.04.2023

My radio show Geek Pie Radio happens every second Saturday. Today’s edition is broadcasting from 11:00 GMT / 12:00 CET on and DAB, and will be archived on TotallyRadio and Spotify.

Geek Pie Welcomes adventurous diners for an April Fools Day serving of the eclectic brunch on Slack City Radio! Buckle that chinstrap for two hours of Curtis Stigers, Michael Bolton & Kenny G magic. The same song, for two hours. You know you want to.


GEEK PIE RADIO | 01.04.2023

  • Lumenette – Alaska
  • debdepan – Darkest Hour
  • Aphex Twin – #7
  • Mali Obomsawin – Pedegwajois
  • Lonny – Comme la fin du monde
  • Akalé Wubé – Mata
  • Genevieve Artadi – Visionary
  • John Carroll Kirby – Rainmaker
  • Meatraffle – Meatraffle On The Moon [Andrew Weatherall Remix]
  • Blundetto – Nautilus feat. Shawn Lee
  • Edwin Starr – Easin’ In
  • Irma Thomas – In Between Tears
  • JIM – Still River Flow [Generalisation Dub]
  • John Lee Hooker – She’s Mine
  • Elmore James – Stranger Blues
  • ZZ Top – I Gotsta Get Paid
  • The Faux Faux – Cold Hearted Woman
  • Vagrant Lovers – Paradise Burns [JIZ Remix]
  • The Stance Brothers – Roll Call
  • Toxicated Keys – Zaka Zaka feat. SoulMusiQ SA x Danger De Talented x Dyy
  • Coeo – Honey
  • Fasme – Coton
  • Nox Vahn & Marsh – Come Together
  • Because of Art – Circle of Light feat. Antony Szmierek
  • Caribou – Never Come Back
  • Alex Tolstey & Gorovich – The Prophecy [Ness Remix]


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