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Geek Pie Radio 03.04.2021

My radio show Geek Pie Radio happens every second Saturday. Today’s edition is broadcasting from 2:00 GMT / 3:00 CET / 09:00 ET on and DAB, and will be archived on TotallyRadio and Spotify. I’ll be live-tweeting from @oisinlunny and @GeekPieRadio.

“Geek Pie Radio head pâtissier Oisin Lunny serves up another 33-course tasting menu of new releases, elegant alt-pop, delicious colabs, sophisticated chamber soul, cengkok, funk and saz power, spoken word, solo piano, and many more artisanal audio treasures, lovingly prepared for your listening pleasure.”


GEEK PIE RADIO | 03.04.2021

  • James Heather – Passing Soul
  • Ólafur Arnalds – The Bottom Line feat. Josin
  • Aga Ujma – In the Ocean
  • FiFi Rong – Only Man
  • The Art Of Noise – Moments In Love [7” Master Rejected]
  • L’Impératrice – Tant d’amour perdu
  • Lani Hall – Love Song
  • St. Vincent – The Melting Of The Sun
  • Cassietta George – Let’s Get Together
  • Stereolab – Diagonals
  • El Michels Affair – Fazed Out
  • Boogie Balagan – Istanbul Mahabul
  • Brian Eno and David Byrne – A Secret Life
  • Tricky – Like a Stone [Trentemøller Remix]
  • Lost Girls – Losing Something
  • Andy Bell – Indica [Pye Corner Audio Remix – GLOK Re-Edit]*
  • Rudy Norman – Back To The Streets [Flying Mojito Bros Refritos]*
  • Colleen – Implosion-Explosion
  • CHINAH – Ideal
  • Working for a Nuclear Free City – Pretty Police State
  • The Music Machine – Hey Joe
  • Scott Walker – The Old Man’s Back Again (Dedicated To The Neo-Stalinist Regime)
  • Hildegard Knef – Im 80. Stockwerk
  • Mel Brown – Blues For We
  • Earth, Wind & Fire – Moment of Truth
  • Grandbrothers – Organism [Mogwai Remix]
  • Elkka – Burnt Orange
  • Anchorsong – Tunis Dream
  • Sofia Kourtesis – Juntos
  • Kemayo and K. System – Biram
  • For Those I Love – Leave Me Not Love
  • Aerside – To the End
  • Dinosaur L – #5 Go Bang! [Francois K Mix]

* = not currently available on Spotify


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