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Geek Pie Radio 04.02.2023

My radio show Geek Pie Radio happens every second Saturday. Today’s edition is broadcasting from 11:00 GMT / 12:00 CET on and DAB, and will be archived on TotallyRadio and Spotify.

Geek Pie Radio returns with a hefty slice of The Eclectic Brunch on Slack City Radio! Stuff your ears with an artisanal selection of randomly great music for randomly great people. Ingredients may include Habibi Funk, Mod R&B, smokey jazz, woozy soul, filthy techno and a world exclusive from Lunar Paths. Smaklig måltid!


GEEK PIE RADIO | 04.02.2023

  • Richie Culver – Daytime TV
  • Kendrick Lamar – Crown
  • Little Ann – Deep Shadows
  • Hany Mehanna – Baya
  • Mad Professor – Immigration Plan feat. Ranking Ann
  • Ronnie & Clyde – Sleeping City
  • Mart Avi – Village Affairs
  • Lunar Paths – Yeraz (World Exclusive)
  • Pan Amsterdam & Damu The Fudgemunk – Blue Agave [NYC Session]
  • T. Honda – Check Out Your Mind
  • DARGZ – Happiness
  • Doris – You Never Come Closer
  • Barrett Strong – Everybody Stand Up For The Preacher
  • Orquesta Mayómbe – Raices Cubanas
  • Orquesta Mayómbe – Con El Rimto Del Tambo
  • Guess What – Zero Is the Magic Number
  • Billy Hawks – O’ Baby (I Believe I’m Losing You)
  • Dee Dee Barnes – Do What You Wanna Do
  • Tom Waits – Union Square
  • Ajukaja – Sunda School
  • Michael Jackson – Behind The Mask [Mike’s Mix]
  • Adah – Ahmed
  • Sworn Virgins – Fifty Dollar Bills
  • 999999999 – X0003000X
  • FJAAK – Don’t Leave Me
  • Marco Faraone & Stella Bossi – 3 DAYS AWAKE
  • Louie Ayusten – Hoping [Matthew Herbert’s High Dub]
  • Grace Ives – Mirror
  • Naty Seres – Broken
  • Daphni – Cloudy [Kelbin Remix]


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