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Geek Pie Radio 06.07.2024

My radio show Geek Pie Radio happens every second Saturday. Today’s edition is broadcasting from 11:00 GMT / 12:00 CET on and DAB, and will be archived on TotallyRadio Apple Music and Spotify.

A low-slung selection of randomly great music for randomly great people focussing on chill-out, folk, Americana, trip hop, dub and other delicious flavours. Sit back, relax and stuff your ears.


GEEK PIE RADIO | 06.07.2024

  • Daryl Hall – The Farther Away I Am
  • Low – Laser Beam
  • Jim White – Jailbird
  • The Sumner Brothers – Pain
  • King Creosote – Nothing Compares To You
  • Bridget St. John – Early Morning Song
  • Stephen Stills – Singin’ Call
  • Ora Cogan – Cowgirl
  • The Miserable Rich – Pisshead
  • Melody’s Echo Chamber – Quand vas tu rentrer?
  • Melody’s Echo Chamber – Crystallized
  • Satyajit Ray – Charu’s Theme
  • Blonde On Blonde – All Day and All Night
  • Tom Scott – Today (feat. The California Dreamers)
  • Junior Parker – Taxman
  • Bill Wendry – A Wristwatch Band
  • The Superimposers – Autumn Falls (Instrumental)
  • Jaziac Sunflowers – Eyes of Love
  • Roxanne – Roxanne’s Suite
  • Loose Ends – Feel The Vibe
  • FC Kahuna – Hayling
  • The Shortwave Set – The Downer Song
  • Lambchop – Up With People [Zero7 remix]
  • Ashley Slater – Req’s Sunshine
  • Santigold – Your Voice
  • The Congos – The Wrong Thing
  • Marcia Griffiths – Feel Like Jumping
  • Dillinger – Cocaine In My Brain
  • Mavis John – Use My Body
  • Nico Gomez And His Afro Percussion Inc. – Lupita
  • Juan Pablo Torres y Algo Nuevo – Y que bien
  • Yannick Hara – CenĂ¡rio de Guerra (feat. Max B.O. & CrackPiece)

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