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Geek Pie Radio 09.12.2023

My radio show Geek Pie Radio happens every second Saturday. Today’s edition is broadcasting from 11:00 GMT / 12:00 CET on and DAB, and will be archived on TotallyRadio and Spotify.

Geek Pie Radio welcomes adventurous diners to the eclectic brunch, once again. The menu includes ambient starters, crunchy crudités, funky hors d’oeuvres, folky pallet cleansers, techno gravy, and freshly foraged bangers, alongside some favourite tracks by the Pogues and Killing Joke. Sit back, relax, and stuff your ears.


GEEK PIE RADIO | 09.12.2023

  • ESP – First Light
  • Beifer – Entropy
  • Seahawks – Blue Surround [Calm’s Mellow Mellow Acid Remix]
  • Jack Wilkins – Red Clay
  • Art Farmer – Soulsides
  • Victoria Monét – We Might Even Be Falling In Love
  • Idris Muhammad – Power of Soul
  • Alice Clark – Don’t You Care
  • Jimmy Jones – Live and Let Live [Mr Scruff Edit]
  • John Fitch & Associates – Romantic Attitude
  • Willie West – Fairchild
  • Al Green – The Letter
  • Fever Tree – Ninety Nine And One-Half
  • Melody’s Echo Chamber – Endless Shore
  • Mutual Benefit – Advanced Falconry
  • The Pogues – A Pair of Brown Eyes
  • The Pogues – Navigator
  • The Pogues – Thousands Are Sailing
  • Killing Joke – Jana
  • Killing Joke – Love Like Blood
  • Killing Joke – Big Buzz
  • Killing Joke – Asteroid
  • Dez Dare – Got a Fire In My Socket
  • Lunar Paths – Sometime Never
  • E.R. Thorpe – Guided By The Sea [Generalisation Dub]
  • Steamy Pizza Box – Oshibori
  • Biig Piig – Watch Me
  • Pangaea – Installation
  • DAVMA – African Drums

Big Piig photo courtesy of Toast Press


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