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Great blog post about Trigger Creative Conference 2013

By July 8, 2013May 9th, 2020No Comments

By Kelaine Blades, VP of Global Marketing at sponsors 7 Digital.

The Trigger Creative Conference is Sweden’s leading innovative conference for the music industry. 7digital was thrilled to be a sponsor joining people from all reaches of the music community in Borlange, Sweden on 27 & 28 June to share new and innovative ideas on how to shape the future of the industry.

Our VP of Global Marketing, Kelaine Blades, attended the event and here are her comments:

The key themes I picked up on were the three c’s (creativity, content-driven and contextual) and operator convergence (i.e. music + bundled rate plans).  The conference was moderated by the very talented Oisin Lunny of OpenMarket who’s unparalleled enthusiasm kept the energy and questions flowing!  A full debrief on the conference would make for a very long post so here was just a couple of the interesting points I picked up.

  • In the first morning was the ‘International Music Exchange’ panel with some debates around what works to make a popular streaming service.  Kim de Ruiter of Cheil Worldwide talked about technology as an enabler for artists, and that silos of Social, Mobile, Digital are unhelpful, it’s all DIGITAL and all about the consumer experience.
  • I absolutely loved Scott Cohen of The Orchard’s highly engaging keynote address ‘Pioneering In the Music Industry.’ The Orchard broke into digital 18 years ago by setting up a bank of computers and having interns email people on AOL that had shown an interest in a particular band – which today we might call spam but then was a highly effective outbound marketing strategy! Moving forward he noted that we need to use big data to get beyond traditional analytics and get deeper into understanding context around usage. Additionally, he noted that time is a shrinking commodity so micro-content could be the solution to get consumers’ attention and that Web 3.0 will bring radical innovation to music recommendations.
  • Tom Silverman of New Music Seminar kicked off the ‘How to Make Music a 100 Billion Dollar Business’ panel commenting that we should monetize non music buyers through mobile, envisioning a future with 6bn mobiles and all of them bundled with music. Vince Bannon of Getty Images, Darryl Ballantyne of Lyric Find, and Scott Garber of the Austin Music Foundation also spoke on this highly engaged and energetic panel moderated byRalph Simon of Mobilium. Content is key, be creative and that’s what will get you attention and cut-through.
  • On Day 2 Richard Conlon of BMI gave the morning keynote and lead the ‘Current and Future Revenue Streams’ panel. He spoke about how better pervasive access, more services & better global protocols is the future of music. Drew Young of the University of Mississippi noted that emotional context is vital for music, new technology adds virality and good ideas can spread instantly. His vision for the future: spontaneous & seamless one step purchasing and music call plan bundles.
  • On the last panel ‘Regional Music Development in Sweden’ moderated byRobert Singerman of the Brasil Music Exchange we heard how music has totally revitalized Borlange through the Peace and Love Festival. Scott Garber of the Austin Music Foundation talked about how music has bought exponential growth to the tech sector and population of Austin, TX.

In between the sessions there was some great music from Good HarvestDoris HoppGreat Garb and more as well as fantastic networking!  I’m already looking forward to next year’s conference…