Happy Mothers Day

I am eternally grateful to James Wildman of www.arff.org for this brief talk about our modern diets. We grow up in the matrix, and hold on to many presumptions without questioning them, simply because its what we have always been told…. we are endlessly guileless.

James connects many dots which have been hovering adjacent for many years, and asks a lot of thought provoking questions:

  • Why are many dairy products addictive?
  • Why are 75% of humans lactose intolerant?
  • How drinking cows milk releases calcium from your bones?
  • Why are the countries with highest consumption of milk also those with the highest rate of osteoporosis?
  • Can you have “humane” inhumanity? For example, how would you define “humane” rape? Would you support it? How do you define “humane” killing? Do you support it?
  • Where do you stand on the slaughter of innocents?
  • What do you support with your wallet?

I recommend this to anyone who gives a shit about what we eat, what our children eat.

For all Mothers, regardless of what species they are…

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