HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY – Irish Music Mixtapes

By March 17, 2008 May 6th, 2019 Podcast

Dear friends, family, and friends of friends,

Happy St Patrick’s Day

To celebrate…. a selection of Irish music.

:: 1 ::

1 Paddy Glackin with Donal Lunny – The Last House In Connaught/The Gooseberry Bush
2 Paddy Glackin with Donal Lunny – The Dispute At The Crossroads/The Queen Of May/Jenny’s Chickens
3 The Bothy Band – Farewell To Erin
4 The Bothy Band – The Balintore Fancy
5 The Bothy Band – Tiocfaidh An Samhradh
6 Moving Hearts – Irish Ways and Irish Laws
7 Moving Hearts – Tribute to Peadar O’Donnell
8 Moving Hearts – The Storm
9 The Bothy Band – The Green Groves Of Erin (Live)
10 The Bothy Band – The Flowers Of Red Hill (Live)
11 Planxty – Tabhair Dom Do Lamh
12 Moving Hearts – May Morning Dew

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If you are familiar with Irish music, you may have spotted the common link in all these recordings is my father, Donal.
This St Patricks Day he is giving a concert in Auckland as part of the Green Fire Islands event, a fascinating project.

This is a small selection of his work, which runs to well over 100 releases.
If you want a good introduction to his music I heartily recommend the
retrospective collection “Journey”, available now from Amazon, click here.


:: 2 ::

1 Moving Hearts – The Lark
2 The Bothy Band – Rip The Calico
3 The Bothy Band – The Maids Of Mitchelstown
4 Moving Hearts – Finore
5 Planxty – As I Roved Out
6 The Bothy Band – Calum Sgaire
7 Matt Molloy – Heathery Breeze, Long Strand
8 Matt Molloy – The Bush In Bloom, Drogheda Bay, Jenny’s Chickens
9 Paddy Glackin with Donal Lunny – Sporting Paddy/John Doherty’s/McFarley’s
10 Paddy Glackin with Donal Lunny – Paddy Rambles through the Park

Download MP3


A bunch of tracks by Marxman (a band I was in some time ago) were recently uploaded
for a forthcoming article in Dublin’s State Magazine. Click here to peruse and download.

By request, my Christmas/NYE podcast 2006 has been re-uploaded, four hours of good tunes, click here.


Other stuff:
John Niven’s “Kill Your Friends”. A gleeful Hunter S. style coked-up demolition of the music industry
full of familiar names and close to the bone anecdotes. Its tremendously dark, funny and filthy… click here.


So…as we say farewell to St Patrick let us consider the words of G. Massey, from Zeitgeist:

“They must find it difficult…
Thos who have taken authority as the truth,
Rather than truth as the


Wherever you are in the world, have a good one.
Oisin x

Music: www.myspace.com/oisinlunny
Website: www.lifebloodproductions.co.uk


Photos taken at the peak of Mount Errigal, Donegal, 1998
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