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#20: Audio Product Trends 2021

It was so awesome to catch up with HARMAN International’s Carsten Olesen and Futuresource Consulting‘s Alexandre Jornod to get a glimpse into the future of consumer audio tech. A very interesting chat about the key Audio Product Trends for 2021, tune in to HARMAN #AudioTalks using your favorite #podcast platform.

Audio Talks is BACK with a special “on the road” edition with HARMAN ExPLORE. Tune in to get the lowdown on the latest audio and automotive industry trends.

In this episode, Carsten Olesen, President of HARMAN’s Consumer Audio business and Alexandre Jornod, Lead Market Analyst Music & Audio at Futuresource Consulting discuss new smart audio technologies and upcoming trends for 2021 for headphones, portables and home audio and how they might change the way we‘re listening to music.

Audio Talks. A podcast on all things audio presented to you by HARMAN and our family of audio brands including JBL, Harman Kardon and AKG. Host Oisin Lunny, music journalist and audio enthusiast, will interview expert guests, legends of the music industry and audio scientists to discuss the power of music and audio in all its facets. New episode bi-weekly every Thursday.

Audio Talks is presented by Harman.

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