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Holofrenia by Julian Bonequi is a nod to the original immersive technology: Dreams.

Compared to a lot of people I know, I’m something of a latecomer to the world of VR, but I’m excited to see innovative companies like Patch.XR building some incredible new tools for creativity in VR. Patch is a native VR authoring tool that lets you create brand new digital instruments and play electronic music in a 3D space like never before. 

I was delighted to join the panel of judges for the first ever Patchathon, chaired by VR maven Muki Kulhan, when creatives all over the world used the Patch platform to build some mind-blowing audiovisual experiences.

So many of the entries were excellent and it was a tough choice to make, but the very worthy first place winner was Julian Bonequi with his Dali-esque dream state Holofrenia showing some of the stunning creative potential of the platform.

Julian explains “The Holophrenic term is a game derived from the word holography (hólos; “whole”) and schizophrenia (to split, fragment, or break the understanding, reason or mind).”

I look forward to more gifted artists experimenting with this unique environment for unlimited creative expression. 

Check it out

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