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From Holograms To The Holodeck, The Future Of Live Events

From Holograms To The Holodeck, The Future Of Live Events

The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in the cancelation of thousands of events: gigs, concerts, festivals, meetups, conferences. Are waves of pandemic the new normal, and if so, will social distancing be a factor of our professional and personal lives as COVID season revisits the planet at regular intervals? What could this mean for the events business? Some organisations such as O’Reilly Media have thrown in the towel, shuttering it’s conference business forever.

Many thanks to the Social Broadcasting Company for hosting this special event, when a panel of leading experts and innovators in the field of entertainment, technology and events gathered for a vibrant and insightful half-hour of discussion around the future of events.


Oisin Lunny – MC & Keynote Speaker, Webinar Host, Forbes Senior Contributor, UX Business Professor, Award-Winning Marketer and Writer


Scott Cohen – Chief Innovation Officer, Recorded Music at Warner Music Group

Muki Kulhan – CIO, Exec.ImmersiveXR Producer/Creative Technologist/Keynoter

Ted Cohen – Consultant, Adviser, Board Member and Consigliere to the most innovative digital entertainment start-ups on this planet

John Textor Globally recognized Media, Entertainment and Technology Executive; Producer of Feature Films and Live Entertainment

Nathan Newman – Immersive Art, Science & Marketing


· If social isolation is part of the new normal, how can event organisers offer entertainment on a global scale by using technology?

· What initiatives have you seen from the music business which have embraced this new spirit? How have they benefited musicians and audiences alike?

· Is this a time for the original utopian dream of a VR future to finally come to fruition?

· Is “Death by Zoom” the new “Death by PowerPoint? How can online conferences avoid becoming boring?

· What role does AR, VR and XR have to play in the new world of events?

· Who is innovating in the space and how are they changing the way we can participate in events?

· What does the growth of holographic music concerts tell us about the emotional appetite for virtual creations?

· Are we finally approaching the age of the avatar as AR becomes a necessity rather than a niche tech activity?

· What happens when everyone, even the audience, can become an avatar?

· Predictions and tech tips for the future.

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