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It was incredible to interview Biggi Veira from GusGus as part of my Geek Pie Radio show on 29th May 2021, broadcast on Slack City Radio and archived on TotallyRadio.

Biggie speaks about surviving the lockdown, creative integrity and longevity, the church of Techno, saving the planet, and their superb new album Mobile Home.

Music featured in the interview:

  • GusGus feat. Vök – Higher [instrumental]
  • GusGus – Featherlight [instrumental]
  • GusGus feat. Cicely Treasure – Came Back To Life [instrumental]
  • GusGus – Simple Tuesday
  • GusGus feat. John Grant – Love Is Alone

Big thanks to Pablo Ruiz at RADICAL PR for making it happen 🙂

About GusGus

Tastemakers of the scene for a quarter of a century, GusGus are one of the most beloved and longstanding electronic acts hailing from Iceland. Offering much more than just unparalleled musical mastery, the group have had their feet firmly spread across various sectors of the creative space since their inception, and would sooner be classified as a multi-media art collective above all else. Perhaps their most defining quality has been a series of catastrophes, last-minute collapses and terrible dramas, woven amidst improbable apex moments that have no doubt made theirs one of the most compelling and lucrative journeys of any electronic ensemble to date.

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“GusGus are one of the most influential electronic bands in the world, always love their sound. They’re a brilliant live band also, check them out if you get the chance when gigs resume and remix wise they have always been on point!” – John Digweed