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6: IoT: Where To Begin And The Value Of Partnerships

You have probably heard of #IoT use cases in transport, utilities and manufacturing… but how about coffee and beer? Whatever the use case, partnerships are the way forward as we move from competitive ego-systems to connected ecosystems.

Tune in to the latest edition of the Siemens Advanta podcast with a pair of partnership rockstars, Cedrik Neike (Member of the Managing Board and CEO Digital Industries at Siemens) and Thomas Saueressig (Member of the Executive Board at SAP) to learn about a movement that will help solve the biggest problems of our time.

Huge thanks to Cedrik and Thomas for such a fun and inspiring chat, and to the awesome teams at Siemens and SAP for making it all possible 🙂

Listen to “IoT: Where To Begin And The Value Of Partnerships”



Do you want to dive into the ocean of IoT but don’t know how to get started? Would you like to know more about the possibilities that lie in the digital future? Are you into digital trends that revolutionize today’s industries?

If so, this podcast is for you!

Welcome to the Siemens Advanta podcast “Unlock the full potential of IoT”, a 360-degree view of the latest IoT trends. We talk to the innovators, experts and visionaries who work and play in digital transformation. Explore with us the practical ways to approach unique journeys in the digital sphere and most important of all: the possibilities and potential beyond the buzzword, IoT!

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