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Audio Talks Series One Episode Seven: Make Music Day: Let’s Talk Music Education

Make Music Day

This week, we’ve organized a special episode to celebrate International Make Music Day, which is held every year on June 21. Joining the discussion are two of the leaders behind Make Music Day, Aaron Friedman, President of the Make Music Alliance, and Dr. Lee Whitmore, Executive Director for the GRAMMY® Music Education Coalition

What exactly is Make Music Day, and where did it come from? How did it begin? In what ways will social distancing measures affect this year’s festivities? How is the GRAMMY® Music Education Coalition improving access to music for young and disadvantaged people? How is HARMAN inspiring young people through contemporary music education? Who are the musicians contributing to Make Music Day this year, and how can you get involved?

We’ll provide answers to all of these questions and moreover reveal exclusive insights from our latest study on the Power of Music and how it benefits people’s lives.

Audio Talks. A podcast on all things audio presented to you by HARMAN and our family of audio brands including JBL, Harman Kardon and AKG. Host Oisin Lunny, music journalist and audio enthusiast, will interview expert guests, legends of the music industry and audio scientists to discuss the power of music and audio in all its facets. New episode bi-weekly every Thursday.

Audio Talks is presented by Harman.

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