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Maree Scarlett – Fire Shadows

By August 2, 2010January 12th, 2020No Comments

I am loving this….

Fire Shadows

we breath colourless air
between our lips
foreign metre
reigning historical moments
holding shadows in houses
of memories.

we attempt to sing

laughing, crying through transparent
tears, kalediscopic and fractured
in our humanity.

I seperate my song from yours,
from you –
I see you, and white ice burning
orange fires on fluctuating skins.

we look to amber skies
where fossilised thoughts
are shfting in ashen clouds –

I looked at you offering, aubergine flowers
and peat warmly spoken between us in
smell’s memory, together we remembered
colourless winds blowing camp-fire smoke

while black chords play, quickening
hearts held dear, closer, closley
close in colourless breath
between our parted, joined lips

(C) Maree Scarlett 2010

Here is Maree’s biog, look out for more of her work appearing online soon!

Maree Scarlett was born in Auckland, New Zealand and has written performed and recited poetry and the spoken word all over the world. Maree has written live music reviews in Ireland and has been a book reviewer, has done voice over’s for radio and was the voice of campaigns such as the Big Day Out, Powderfinger, Ronnie Size and Soundz, to name a few. She has recorded voice samples for people such as Jeff Scantlebury of the Brand New Heavies and she has performed at the home of famous French artist Bernard Locca. Some of Maree’s earlier works are contained at Stanford University in the Andrei Voznesensky archives.

In New Zealand Maree has performed on the same bill as C.K. Stead, Sonja Yelich, Karyn Hay and Michael Hurst. Award winning writer, poet, reviewer and critic David Eggleton approached Maree and asked her for new poetry which later he published in Blackmail Press # 27, an online journal. She has arranged, produced and directed recitals for Montana Poetry Day, Corbans Estate Wine Cellar and the Devonport Depot Artspace.

Kevin Ireland (O.B.E) has long been a supporter of Maree’s work. She has recited on radio several times and has been interviewed in Pavement magazine and various other publications and magazines.

Maree has appeared in short films, one of which featured her performing poetry in a Freemason Lodge. This film was shown as part of Auckland Arts Festival ‘05 and waspresented on large screen in Aotea Square. Maree has a BA in Philosophy and a minor in Gender Studies. In 2010 she has accepted an offer to participate in a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy. Maree enjoys theatrical training and has been a presenter on The Flea, radio 88.2fm.