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Listen to Mark IV Signs Of A Dying Love, the mega rare, modern soul, 7″ single, crossover soul, rarity, popular with funk & northern soul fans.

Back in the day I was obsessed with what came to be known as “Crossover Soul” – thanks in part to the brilliant sessions at the Norfolk Village pub near Liverpool St. I’m not sure if “Signs Of A Dying Love” by Mark V was played there, but it is very much the style I remember. Very happy memories of those times with Liam, Angelo, Alison and Jim (RIP).

I picked this up from the legendary record dealer John Manship back in the day.

Marv V Signs Of A Dying Love


You can get a reissue from Soul Brother Records:

“Previously unreleased 13 track collection of canned gems that The Mark IV recorded after their self-titled on Mercury under the stewardship of Donald Shaw & Otis Brown Jr. there are some killers on here, from the pacey modern dancers ‘I Knew It Wouldn’t Last’, the pulsating ‘How I Feel For You’, the bubbling ‘I’ve Been Lucky’ and the skipping groove of ‘Another Day Another Dollar’ to the sublime mid-tempo ‘Give Me Just A Little’ and ‘All My Friends’. ‘Signs Of A Dying Love’ is also an obvious standout along with the proto-disco effort ‘Hang Ups’. Great, vital piece of excavation from Cordial Records.”

Marv V Signs Of A Dying Love reissue

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