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Playlist diary, May 2020: “Lockdown, day 50, and there’s nothing to eat but boredom. But wait! What’s this you see in the deepest corner of your pantry? That’s right, a GEEK PIE full to the brim with the most random audio associations known to man and beast. Time to stuff your ears with a sonic smörgåsbord ranging from meaty jazz covers of Massive Attack to the sublime palate-cleansing ambiance of Mike Slott. Bon appétit!”

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May 2020 Playlist

  • Cathedral – MJ Cole
  • Teardrop – Avishai Cohen
  • Cohesion – Minutemen
  • Summer’s End – John Prine
  • Soul ReaVer – Mart Avi
  • The Republic of Persevere – Out Of The Ordinary
  • All Because Of You, Theme Instrumental – Leroy Hutson
  • I Want’a Do Something Freaky To You – Leon Haywood
  • Last One Standing – Monophonics
  • Descarga – Gerardo Frisina
  • We’ve Landed – Tony Allen and Hugh Masekela
  • Stop This Flame [The Black Madonna Remix] – Celeste
  • Oddyssey – Amtrac
  • COBAKI SKY – Willaris. K
  • Moto Perpetuo (Heat Engine) – Dusty Kid
  • An Irish Goodbye – Daithí
  • Testing Ground – Mike Slott

TotallyRadio Mixtape



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