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[video_left][video_frame] [mixcloud height=”312″ width=”584″ iframe=”true”][/mixcloud] [/video_frame] [video_text] [h2]Midsummer Mix 1[/h2] Darryl Hall – The Farther Away I Am
Low – Laser Beam
Jim White – Jailbird
The Sumner Brothers – Pain
Bon Iver – re: Stacks
King Creosote – Nothing Compares To You
Goldfrapp – Not Over Yet
Stephen Stills – Singin Call
The Miserable Rich – Pisshead
Ted Barnes – Caught Out
Satyajit Ray – Charu’s Theme
Blonde On Blonde – All Day And All Night
The Millenium – Karmic Dream Sequence Number One
Tom Scott – Today
Bill Wendry – A Wristwatch Band
The Superimposers – Autumn Falls (Instrumental)
Jazziac Sunflowers – Your Eyes Of Love
Roxanne – Roxanne’s Suite
Loose Ends – Feel The Vibe
FC Kahuna – Hayling
The Shortwave Set – The Downer Song
Ashley Slater – Req’s Sunshine (req)
Santogold – Your Voice
Earl Zinger – Song 2
The Congos – The Wrong Thing
Marcia Griffiths – Feel Like Jumping
Dillinger – Cocaine In My Brain