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#66: Music For Pets

On the latest HARMAN Audio Talks, hear the incredible story of the media company nicknamed “Petflix” by their global community. Learn how a £1000 student loan created a hugely successful global platform offering sonic stress remedies for millions of pets worldwide. The original idea was a side hustle of a side hustle for a brilliant young UK entrepreneur, Amman Ahmed, who hired a composer from the mean streets of El Salvador and followed his dream with advice from a Buddhist monk. But what happened after the business was acquired by an LA Rap label? Tune in to find out!

Can music make your cats and dogs happier, calmer and more relaxed? In this episode, Oisin Lunny speaks to Amman Ahmed, President of Music For Pets, nicknamed “Petflix,” the company that makes calming music to ease the sensitive souls of our furry friends, prone to separation anxiety and fear of unknown noises.

About Music For Pets

We have been making relaxing music for pets since 2011 to help with a range of anxiety issues including separation anxiety, sleep problems, loneliness, boredom and depression. Our music and TV is produced and created in-house by a team of experts aiming to help as many pets as possible reduce anxiety and sleep issues.

Wondering how to calm your pet? Give our music and TV a try! We have helped over 14 million dogs and cats worldwide with anxiety problems, sleep problems, depression and loneliness and are excited to help millions more using:

  • Relaxing Music Therapy
  • Entertaining and Stimulating TV

Our two main channels RelaxMyDog and RelaxMyCat Focus on:

  • Relaxing Music
  • TV For Dogs and Cats
  • Advice and “How to” Vlogs
  • Sessions (coming soon)

We also make games for pets.

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About Amman Ahmed

As the President of Music For Pets, I lead the production and distribution of relaxing music and TV for pets based on 8 years of research and innovation. My company, which I founded in 2017, was acquired by Create Music Group in June 2023, and now reaches over 50 million pets worldwide every month.

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