“Happy Days blew my head off on a wet Monday morning, proper music, total reality.” – Andrew Weatherall
“Darkly gorgeous — fat bass, groovy beats — inspiring!” Rob Da Bank

The Mood Club (1999)

Composed and produced by Oisin Lunny and released on Independiente Records under the name of Firstborn “The Mood Club” was a #1 Buzz Chart Club Hit in the UK, and featured on Oisin’s critically acclaimed album “When It Hits You Feel No Pain”.

The Mood Club has been featured in films such Human Traffic, Mean Machine, Alpha Male, Peaches, A Room For Romeo Brass and used as a sound bed for countless TV programmes such as BBC World Cup Cricket, BBC World Cup Football, The Bank Of Mum and Dad, Eat Your Greens, Rick Steins Fresh Food, The Real Hustle, and many more.

Firstborn “The Mood Club” is published by Seeca Music Ltd.

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When It Hits You Feel No Pain

“When It Hits You Feel No Pain is a breathlessly ambitious work, holding it’s hands in the air with a heavy heart.” Hot Press

Side A ‘It’s Four In The Morning’

A1 I Close My Eyes
Vocals – Linda Clifford
A2 Happy Days
Vocals – Bennan Murphy
Orgasms – Jenny & Lesley
A3 The Mood Club
A4 Miracles
Vocals – Mary Love
A5 Spot Prise
A6 Hey Mr (Tambourine Man)
Vocals – Bennan Murphy

Side B ‘It’s Four Twenty Seven In The Morning’

B1 Home Movie
Vocals – Bennan Murphy
B2 Take You There
B3 54 Static
B4 Lay This Burden Down
Vocals – Mary Love
B5 Lifeblood
Bouzouki & Bodhran – Donal Lunny
B6 Credo
Vocals – Bennan Murphy
Acoustic Guitar And Harmonium – Ted Barnes

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