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RTE ONE idents 2006, 2007, 2008

Oisin Lunny and father Donal were commissioned to compose the new station idents for RTE ONE‘s major re-brand in 2006, working with branding agency Red Bee.

The Christmas ident for 2006 and 2007 followed, and Oisin recently produced five new idents and also the Christmas idents for 2008.

“Oisin was selected as the composer for the new RTE ONE idents on the basis of his sensitive approach to the project. We needed an Irish sound that was unique, but not in any way a cliché, we also needed 12 variations on the theme so that each ident would be unique yet still be part of the whole. Oisin’s creativity and imagination gave life and vitality to a fresh new look for our premiere channel. When the time came to augment the new look with additional idents, he again came up with the goods, working against a tight schedule Oisin delivered on time, on brand, and in perfect harmony with the new visuals. As Creative Director of RTE, the Irish National Broadcaster, I have no hesitation in recommending his talents!”