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#72: Parallel Lives: From Olympic Dreams to Music Streams

This episode is a must-listen for all aspiring musicians and entrepreneurs. Tune in to discover two fascinating life paths that couldn’t be more different yet eventually intersected: Able Heart, former Olympic-level snowboarder turned music producer, and Lior Tibon, CEO & Co-founder of Duetti and former COO of TIDAL

Lior shares his groundbreaking approach to financing in the music industry and how Duetti supports independent artists. Able reveals how this partnership has empowered him to scale his career.

About Duetti

Duetti was founded with the mission of getting a wide range of artists quick and easy access to catalog sales and unlocking new investment opportunities. Duetti’s music financing platform raised over $120m of funding, and has helped over 250 artists receive up to $2m for their catalog and single-track masters.

The unique model provides data-driven prices for established tracks, allowing artists to sell individual tracks or even parts thereof, while Duetti then markets those tracks going forward using unique ROI-focused techniques.

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