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Penny Rimbaud

Loving this piece in Vice by Penny Rimbaud

“The thing we wanted to help people understand was a sense of autonomy and authenticity of the individual human soul. Just as soul is constantly demeaned in the media, so it is undermined by drugs, inside or outside, but in the end it’s the only thing we’ve truly got. As personalities we’re just a series of remarks picked up on our journey through life, and, sadly, this becomes what we think we are. But beneath all that we’ve got something we were born with, something we die with, something which exists beyond time, and that’s our deepest inner soul. I guess I’m talking about a kind of immortality. To me the purpose of life is to connect with that inner soul, because by doing so we actually become part of life’s continuum. If we exist as separate entities, as individual personalities, there’s no reality to life and no continuity beyond it.”