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Podcast Host

Branded Podcast Specialist


Podcast Producer

Planning, Recording, Editing, Mastering, Delivering


Time to launch a podcast?

Oisin Lunny has many years of experience as a speaker, moderator and MC both in physical conference venues and on webinars and podcasts. 

Oisin will host your podcast and also produce it, working with you and your team. This can involve sourcing guests, liaising with stakeholders, preparing interviews, managing multiple recordings, editing, mixing and mastering for a high quality finished product, and supplying assets for social media promotion. 

His background as an award-winning marketer, tech professional, audio engineer and journalist ensures purposeful discussions with great guests on the topics that matter, compiled to tell the right story, and edited to respect the valuable time and attention of your podcast listeners.

Combine your podcast with a webinar, articles and social media posts for a 360° content marketing strategy.

Oisin is the host, co-producer, and audio engineer of the Audio Talks podcast by HARMAN, and the Siemens Advanta podcast.


Voice Over Work

  • Siemens Advanta:
    • Siemens Advanta Podcast trailer episode one – watch
    • Siemens Advanta Podcast trailer episode three – watch
    • HARMAN Audio Talks trailer episode 16 – watch
    • HARMAN Audio Talks trailer episode 15 – watch
  • Spotify:
    • Advert for Baron Bane – listen
  • OpenMarket:
    • MEP in Action: Mobile Shipping Alerts
    • MEP in Action: Customer Surveys
    • Breaking Silos with the OpenMarket Mobile Engagement Platform
    • MEP: Console Overview
    • MEP: Mailing Lists and Subscriptions Overview
    • MEP: Building a Simple Service
    • MEP: SMS Broadcasting Overview
  • OpenMarket Australia:
    • IVR customer helpline
    • SoftPhone video
  • Interoute:
    • Interoute Express promo video
Oisin Lunny Professional Podcast Webinar Virtual Event Host