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5: Protecting the future by securing it today: How to tackle cybersecurity in IoT

Protecting The Future

Imagine one day that 15,000 of your corporate mobile devices have been remotely locked, and your colleagues are now carrying useless bricks in their pockets.

Imagine discovering you are the victim of a ransomware attack. Do you have a good backup plan? Or do you pay the ransom?

Hacking is a huge industry, and these scenarios are all too real.

In the latest episode of the Siemens Advanta podcast, two of the leading experts in IoT and cybersecurity will share some real-world horror stories, and tips to help you be prepared in the right way.

Not only can cyberattacks quickly cost up to $300,000 million or more and easily affect 15,000 devices in 60 seconds, they can also damage a company’s reputation or, worse, the confidence of investors. Today it is also not a question of “if”, but “when” there will be an attack – so it is central that c-level decision-makers see cybersecurity as an investment. Henning Rudolf, Head of Global Cybersecurity Strategy & Business Enablement at Siemens and Thomas Brandstetter, General Manager & IT/OT Security Specialist at Limes Security talk about the importance of security preparation and why it’s not about technology, it’s about people knowledge.

In 2021, no-one can assume that cybersecurity is someone else responsibility.

Listen to “Protecting the future by securing it today: How to tackle cybersecurity in IoT”

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