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By February 28, 2009 Podcast

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Not only has Christian Tuneraker delivered a superb “Top 10 Songs Lux Interior Taught Us“, theres also a Feb Mixtape to be had, quick before its gone!

Foolish Mix
1. Goblin ‘Waiting Death’
2. Stone Roses‘Fools Gold’ (’Top Won’ Mix by A Guy Called Gerald)
3. Pendle Coven ‘R.E.S.P.E.C.T.’
4. Diplo ‘Must Be A Devil’
5. Kode 9 ‘Bad’
6. Skream ‘One For The Heads Who Remember’
7. B-15 Project ‘Girls Like Us’
8. Diplo ‘Wassup, Wassup’ (Bart B-More Mix)
9. Skream ‘If You Know’
10. Diplo ‘Wassup, Wassup’ (Bart B-More Mix)
11. Salt ‘N’ Peppa ‘Push It’ (US Remix)
12. Yo’ Majesty ‘Kryptonite Pussy’
13. Yacht ‘Summer Song’
14. Goblin ‘Lesbo’
15. General Levy ‘Schemin’
16. Ragga Twins ‘Illegal Gunshot’
17. B-15 Project ‘Girls Like Us’
18. Ghislain Poirier ‘Ballistic’
19. Diplo ‘Wassup, Wassup’ (Bart B-More Mix)

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