Sailing by Night – Valentines Mixtapes

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.: Sailing by Night :.

. . : : V a l e n t i n e s M i x t a p e s : : . .

Dear friends, family, and friends of friends,

Happy Valentines Day

to celebrate…. a selection of music

:: 1 ::

1. Tomorrow Never Knows / Junior Parker
2. The Winner Is / Danna – DeVotchKa
3. The Keeper Of Secrets / Luke Slott
4. Human / Sol Seppy
5. Body Talk (Part 2) / Wheat
6. Soldier On / Midnight Well
7. Flume / Bon Iver
8. Easier / Grizzly Bear
9. Bye / Elliott Smith
10. Foreshadowed / Harold Budd & Brian Eno
11. Cinematic Orchestra / Evolutions II (remix)
12. I Was Young And Needed The Money / Cut Copy
13. Red On Chrome / Jimmy Behan
14. Missing Link / Stratus
15. Supervitesse Expansemix / Mahogany with Ulrich Schnauss
16. The White Flash (Ft. Thom Yorke) / Modeselektor
17. Archangel / Burial
18. Hold On (Strange Version) / Smith & Mighty
19. Higher Love / Depeche Mode
20 . NYC / Interpol

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One of my favourite songs of all time is”Soldier On” by Midnight Well from 1977.
Thom Moore, a Californian folk singer who lived in Sligo and later Russia, wrote this
about his Grandfather who disappeared one night. A deep piece of personal history.

Luke Slott brings us the stunning “Keeper Of Secrets” from his unreleased LP of solo piano pieces
“Don’t Go Back To Sleep”. Check out Luke’s MySpace at:

Finally, the video for Sol Seppy”Human” will always be special, you can watch it here.


:: 2 ::

1. Melody (Extrait de Melody Nelson) / Serge Gainsbourg
2. Your Sweet Love / Lee Hazlewood
3. As Long As I’ve Got You / The Charmels
4. Fridays Child / Them
5. Break Of Dawn & Fly / J.K. & Co.
6. Korea (Dialogue) / Steve Buscemi and Bronson Dudley
7. Earth Moon And Stars / The Starseeds
8. Just My Soul Responding / Smokey Robinson
9. The World We Live In / The Politicians
10. No No No / Dawn Penn
11. My People…Hold On / Eddie Kendricks
12. Free Radicals (A Hallucination
Of The Christmas Skeleton Pleading With A
Suicide Bomber) / The Flaming Lips
13. Belisama (2e partie) / Belisama
14. The Fly High (Remix) / Fin
15. Freak Out Requiem III / Amon Düül
16. Inside Out / American Gypsy
17. Friends & Countrymen / Wild Bunch
18. Hung Upside Down / Buffalo Springfield
19. Dark Days / DJ Shadow
20. Tulsa Rags / Steward Copeland

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On Valentines Day, the song that says everything is Lee Hazlewood’s “Your Sweet Love”.

Meanwhile on Fridays Child, Van Morrison drops heavy hints to later vocal transcendence.

Finally, those of you who would like to see a vision of the inside of Daft Punks’
Pyramid should check out Fin’s video for “The Crack” – now playing on MySpace.


:: 3 ::

1. Melody Day (FourTet Remix) / Caribou featuring Luke Lalonde, Adem & One Little Plane
2. Week-End Du Ski (extract) / Jean-Michel Bernard (The Science Of Sleep OST)
3. Hurdy Gurdy Man / Donovan
4. Hippie, Hippie, Hourrah / Jacques Dutronc
5. Mr. Farmer / The Seeds
6. Would You Believe What I Say / The Unit
7. Louie Louie / Richard Berry & The Pharaohs
8. Drifting / Claude Huey
9. I Walked Away / Bobby Paris
10. Subway Joe / Joe Bataan
11. One Way Out / Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
12. The Key To My Happiness / The Charades
13. Locked In A Room / The Poets
14. In Love / Tony Galla & The Rising Sons
15. Theres A Ghost In My House / R. Dean Taylor
16. Out Of Our Tree (The Wailers) / The Wailers
17. Starlett Johannson (Connan & The Moccasins Remix) / The Teenagers
18. Program / Silver Apples
19. See Emily Play / Pink Floyd
20. Besasha / Kareem Isaaq & Middle Eastern Rock
21. I Wanna Be Your Dog / The Stooges
22. Golden Frost / The Brian Jonestown Massacre
23. Bubble Burst / Beyond The Wizards Sleeve
24. I’m A Gamekeeper / Thee Headcoats Sect
25. Judy Is A Punk (Original Demo ’75) / The Ramones
26. Never Understand / The Jesus and Mary Chain
27. Feelin’ / The LA’s

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Starting with a contender for most inspired remix of a song that was great already, FourTet on Caribou.

Happy 40th to my old friend Ray O Reilly, the man behind Dublins longest running Northern Soul radio show.
Many happy returns Ray! Keep On Keepin On at

Also on MySpace, might I recommend a visit to the MySpace blog of the Anton Alfred Newcombe
aka the Brian Jonestown Massacre – a daily source of news, rare music videos, opinions and conspiracies.


As we say farewell to St Valentine, let us consider the words of the great DJ Frane

“I’ve been all over the world, a different city every night.
And I had so much fun, sometimes I could almost stop thinking of you, but not for long.
I need you too deeply. I miss the way you breathed my name.
The way you spoke my language. The way you were always so happy to see me.
The way you gave yourself to me and let my hands have their way with you however they wanted.
The way you thought the dirtiest things I did were the sweetest.
I remember all the tricks you like, and I’ve got so many new things to show you.
I want to taste you all night and wake up with the smell of you all over me.
I’m yours. Tell me you miss me, too…”


Love always, more soon.
Oisin x

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