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It was a lot of fun to guest on the Archetype KommunizierBAR podcast with hosts Andrea​ Mittbrodt (who co-produces the HARMAN Audio Talks podcast) and Lars Basche.

KommunizierBAR #5: “Hey Oisin, does Audio matter in Marketing?”

Oisin Lunny is an award-winning marketer, keynote speaker, music journalist, senior contributor to Forbes, composer, producer, DJ, webinar and radio host. But most importantly, Oisin is one of our favorite people to work with, besides our colleagues ;-). Together with him as a moderator, we’ve been producing the HARMAN Audio Talks podcast for more than a year now.

In this episode, Andrea & Lars ask him about the start of his career as a musician with his band “Marxman”, and about their tour with Depeche Mode. Oisin tells us how this experience has led him to what he’s doing now. How did he find the shift to digital audio and podcasting? Why does he think podcasts are an effective way for marketing and communications to build a community around a brand? And… what would he name a podcast about his life?

While we’re speaking…