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#73: The Sonic Sculptor: Merging Art, Music and Tech

What a gift to catch up with my dear friend Akshai Sarin on the latest edition of the HARMAN Audio Talks podcast.

His hugely ambitious work is never less than fascinating, and his intuitive and mindful journey is quite unique, and full of surprising twists and serendipitous turns.

I think you will enjoy the discussion šŸ™‚

In this episode, AudioTalks host Oisin Lunny chats with musician, marketer, and entrepreneur Akshai Sarin. Dive deep into his path and experiences in the music industry, disruptive marketing, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. Explore Akshai’s groundbreaking creation SonoKinesis that transforms everyday objects into dynamic musical instruments. And discover how he turned an entire cruise ship into a playable sonic sculpture through this fusion of art, music, and technology.

About Akshai Sarin

“My purpose is to share joy, compassion, equality and equanimity with the world.

A dreamer-doer who has lived in India, USA, London, Amsterdam, Egypt, Oman & Philippines. Travelled to 40+ countries, 200+ cities around the world ā€“ which has taught me to be humble, to learn and work with a multitude of people and situations.

My professional experience spans 22 years shaping global culture movements via industry-disrupting consulting/ entrepreneurial roles ā€“ with a focus on leadership, sustainability, social impact, digital, wellness, media, marketing and FMCG.

As a catalyst for self actualisation and change ā€“ Iā€™m a certified meditation and yoga teacher, energy healer and successful music artiste. Also Advisory Board member at leading impact organisations in Netherlands, Brazil, India & the Middle East.”

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