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I am thrilled to be hosting the new online chat show, TMT Talks, where I get to interview great people in mobile technology and much more. Many thanks to the good people at TMT Analysis for the invitation. Our VIP guest for TMT Talks #1 was Dario Betti, CEO of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum, a pivotal organization for the mobile tech industry for many years.

Dario and myself spoke about Miles Davis, life during lockdown, his Lego collection and even his time as a radio DJ!

TMT Tracks

Check out the companion Spotify playlist TMT TRACKS to see which Miles Davis song Dario added.

About Dario Betti

Dario’s experience in the mobile industry goes back to 1999; first as a consultant for Ovum advocating for the nascent Mobile VAS, then launching the first Mobile Internet in Europe with the T-Mobile group. More recently expanding the concept of innovative partnerships between telcos and digital players in Asia and the Middle East, for Ooredoo (Qatar, Indonesia, Myanmar) and Axiata (Indonesia) and as Director of Products for MTS, the leading Russian Telecom. Over the year he has also taken non-executive director roles in IoT and Digital Marketing companies. In February 2019 Dario took over the role of CEO at the Mobile Ecosystem Forum, after a long collaboration with the organization.

Dario’s focus is on creating new business opportunities in the fast-changing digital world, and he enjoys the cultural challenges of working in different countries.

About TMT Analysis

TMT Analysis is a specialist mobile numbering intelligence company. Our suite of products provide customers with the fastest and most comprehensive network and numbering data on the market today, used by businesses globally to improve customer interactions, gain useful insight and authenticate users, while reducing costs and improving the quality of their service.

With the increasing need for Application to Person (A2P) messaging, two-stage authentication, and identity management, our data is used millions of times daily to deliver important information quickly and accurately. If you pay per query for mobile routing intelligence, our services will significantly reduce your costs.

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